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Vigo Office - New

2nd January 2023

J Marr (Seafoods) Europe S.L., was created in January 2023. Alejandro Beyhaut leads this venture and the purpose of JME is to supply premium seafood species into Europe, with the vision to become the leading seafood distributor in Europe. The office is based in Vigo, Spain.

Vigo is located on Spain’s northwest coast and is one of the largest and most important fishing ports in Europe and is known for its freezing and canning industry.

Facts About Vigo

The exact meaning behind the name Vigo remains a mystery, with various theories suggesting it could be derived from Celtic, Roman, or even Viking origins.

With a population of over 300,000 residents, Vigo holds the title of being the most populous city in the Galicia region.

Vigo boasts one of the busiest fishing ports in Europe, attracting visitors with its vibrant seafood markets and delicious fresh seafood delicacies.

The city is nestled between the stunning Ria de Vigo estuary and the picturesque Galician coastline, offering visitors a variety of outdoor activities and scenic beauty.

With its ideal location on the Atlantic coast, Vigo attracts surfers, sailors, and water sports enthusiasts from around the world.

From mouthwatering tapas to fresh seafood dishes, the gastronomy in Vigo is diverse and tantalizing.

Vigo’s proximity to stunning natural parks and mountainous regions provides ample opportunities for hiking and enjoying the great outdoors.