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Swanland Education Africa Trust

6th September 2023

The Swanland Education Africa Trust (SEAT) is an established charity, based locally in Swanland, was set up to inspire and motivate local residents, businesses and friends to personally get involved and give regularly to support this school. Through the charity, they have been able to provide the money to cover all exam fees for the children in both Primary and Hight Schools. The charities support has given an education and hope to so many children and young people.

J Marr recently made the kind donation of 17 iPad’s for the children of the school. These will help many of the children succeed with the national exams and help them to go onto higher education or jobs of work.

It's great to see the children using these and embracing the technology that will give them a more enhanced education.

For more information about the Trust please visit Swanland School Nairobi - Home