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Strategic Planning 2024

15th March 2024

Rudding Park was selected again as the for this year’s annual Strategic Planning Meeting which was held on the first two days of February. This is a great venue for us to hold this essential and valuable event.

The team who is made up of Traders, (including our overseas Traders), Finance, Team Managers and SAP Commerical, along with Michael and Alexander, spend the 2 days discussing the results achieved over the past year, each participant has the opportunity to discuss their results, how the year has been, challenges met and how they see their results for the coming year. New budgets and targets are then planned for the year ahead.

The information presented by each person was discussed around the room which initiated further discussions with colleagues and played a part in forming the strategy for the year ahead. Working together will help us achieve the targets set for the year ahead.

There is a lot of information to take in over the course of the 2 days, and the team were rewarded with a fabulous 3 course meal, it was great to see everyone chatting and relaxing, however it seems the highlight of the evening was meeting Gareth Southgate (or was it Gary/Phil Neville? Spen?), who was attending a wedding at the venue, unfortunately he was hijacked by most of our team members to have a selfie taken with them, he was a true gent and seemed happy to take part. Something I am sure many will remember, but only because they have the photo evidence!

Rudding Park 24