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Seafood Expo 2023

28th April 2023

Seafood Expo in Barcelona 2023

2023 marks JMSF’s 2nd visit to the Seafood Expo in Barcelona. This time around the business went with an entire new stand re-design which looked truly beautiful and defiantly made us stand out from the crowd from the all the other stands, we were joined on the stand by the Fastnet team. There was plenty of space for our fast-growing team to meet and greet our valuable customers and suppliers who had taken the time to visit the Expo. Also, this year we had the luxury of Kim and Klaudia or the reception area of the stand waiting to great our guests with a smiling face as well as waiting staff to provide drinks and snacks throughout the days, this helped meeting run very smoothly.

This years show was very useful for all staff who attended, many issues were resolved, many deals were made and many relationships were strengthened.

The days where long but luckily the hotel was just a short ride away on the metro which meant plenty of time to get back to the hotel and get ready for the night ahead of entertaining customers before heading back to the hotel bar for a quick night cap. We should note also how central our hotel was and how polite and attentive the staff were (and accommodating to our occasional late night loud volume).

Everyone agreed it was a brilliant experience for all who attended and a very successful trip.

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