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J Marr and Hull & East Yorkshire Children’s University Bring London Adventure to Life for Local Students

21st June 2024

In a heartwarming initiative, Hull & East Yorkshire Children’s University (HEYCU), one of J Marr’s chosen charities for the year, collaborated with the company to provide an unforgettable experience for Year 6 students from Francis Askew Primary School.

J Marr sponsored a day trip to London, a first for many of the participating children, offering them a unique educational opportunity and a chance to explore the nation's capital.

HEYCU is dedicated to enriching the lives of young people by offering inspirational learning experiences outside the classroom. The organisation focuses on broadening horizons, raising aspirations, and helping children discover their potential by introducing them to new experiences and environments.

Three enthusiastic volunteers from J Marr – Debi, Kim and Frank – joined the trip to provide extra support and guidance.

The day began early at 6.20am at Hull Station, where the volunteers met the excited teachers and children. For many, this was their first time on a train, adding to the adventure's excitement. The train departed at 7.00am, arriving in London at 9.50 am under beautiful sunny skies.

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The journey continued with a tube ride, another first for most of the children, before the group then embarked on a walking tour that included iconic landmarks such as Buckingham Palace, St James’s Park, Horse Guards Parade and 10 Downing Street. The children enjoyed a leisurely lunch in the park before heading to the London Eye via Hungerford Bridge.

At 1.30pm, the group embarked on a river cruise along the River Thames. The knowledgeable guide captivated everyone with fascinating stories and facts about London's historical and modern landmarks, even revealing that there are sharks in the Thames!

The adventure continued with a walk over Westminster Bridge to the Science Museum, where the Wonderlab exhibit was a highlight of the trip for the children. After exploring the museum, everyone enjoyed a well-deserved ice cream break before heading back to King’s Cross for the journey home. The train departed at 6.45pm and the group arrived back in Hull at 9.30pm, tired but exhilarated.

Despite the long day and the heat, the children were great, interacting with Debi, Kim, and Frank, who were impressed by the children’s enthusiasm and curiosity.

When asked about their favourite part of the day, most children enthusiastically chose the Wonderlab at the Science Museum. The most frequently asked question? "What time can we have our lunch?"!

This memorable day was a testament to the positive impact that organisations like HEYCU and supportive companies like J Marr can have on young lives. Through such initiatives, children are given the chance to dream bigger, learn more and experience the world beyond their immediate surroundings.