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Corporate Gym Member

1st April 2023

Village Health & Wellness Club

As part of our on-going HR-Reset and healthy living initiative, we are pleased to announce the opportunity for all J Marr & AMI Head office staff to join our Corporate Gym Membership at the Village Health & Wellness Club (based at the Village Hotel, Hull).

Gym Logo
  • The Company will pay the monthly membership fee for the Employee only. The Employee would only be responsible for the tax element on their P11D.
  • The offer is for the Village Health & Wellness Club only, no cash option or alternative gyms are available.
  • There is an expectation that those Employees who sign up for this will use the Gym facilities (excluding the pub & grill!) on a regular basis (regular to be broadly defined as 2 x per week). Holidays, sickness etc to be taken into account.

Details of the offering is below

  • Membership: Hull Business Park - Gold Anytime
    Membership includes:
    • Gym
    • Pool
    • Sauna & Steam
    • Whirlpools
    • Classes
    • 25% off in the Pub & Grill
    • 20% off village hotel bookings
    • Monthly High Street discounts
    • Health checks
    • Fitness plans
    • Ongoing support etc

Each member has the option to add a plus 1, an adult member with the same discount of £34

Children under 4 are free
(One off £5 joining fee) (this would be for the Employee’s account)
Children 4-13 may be added for weekend use for £5 per month (this would be for the Employee’s account)
14-15 Gym & Swim up to 7pm every day, £19 per month (this would be for the Employee’s account)