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1st Quarterly Review 2023

14th July 2023

J Marr Quarterly Presentation

Q1 April - June 2023

Presentation Overview

  • Overview of J Marr Group Structure
  • Overview of Q1 Results
  • Commentary on performance, positives & negatives
  • Introduction to J Marr HR Function

Overview of J Marr Group Structure

The J Marr Group is made up of 7 entities:

  • J Marr (Seafoods) Ltd
  • J Marr (Commodities) Ltd
  • J Marr Shanghai Trading Co Ltd
  • J Marr (Seafoods) Europe S.L.
  • OceanMarr
  • Mauritanian Fisheries Company (MFC)
  • LandMarr

J Marr (Seafoods) Ltd - Trading since 1979, J Marr (Seafoods) Ltd is a trader of Globally sourced Pelagic Seafood for supply predominantly into West Africa

J Marr (Commodities) Ltd - Formed in 2010, J Marr (Commodities) Ltd trades Meat & Poultry and Pork products, which are sourced globally, predominantly into West Africa

J Marr Shanghai Trading Co Ltd - Based in Shanghai & formed as a Chinese trading company in 2015, JMST arranges both the supply of Seafood & supply of trade services to JMSF as well as having its own trading portfolio into South East Asia & the China domestic market

J Marr (Seafoods) Europe S.L. - Formed in 2023, with hubs in Vigo & Madrid, JME purpose is the supply of premium seafood species into Europe, with the vision to become a leading seafood distributor in Europe.

OceanMarr - Joint Venture between Bluefish & J Marr (Seafoods) Ltd, to be formalised into a legal company structure, with the purpose of global Squid trading

Mauritanian Fisheries Company (MFC) - Joint Venture to develop our trading presence in the shore processing sector in Mauritania

LandMarr - Trading company formed between JMSF and Landes with the aim of developing trade into Eastern European & South American markets.

Why have we developed this Diversification Strategy?

  • Multiple sources of frozen proteins
  • Capitalise on synergies
  • Access to higher value white fish species
  • Global player in Cephalopods (Squid/Octopus)
  • Access to a range of markets (not only West Africa focussed)

J Marr (Seafoods) Ltd Q1 Results

Q1 Volume in MT Graph
Q1 Volume in MT
Q1 Profit in GBP Graph
Profit in GBP

Trading Commentary, Positives & Negatives


  • Cameroun market challenge
  • Less Chilean shore volumes than expected
  • Challenging market environment
  • Less Blue Whiting volumes than expected
  • Slow start to the USA season


  • Strong volumes, close to budget, higher than last year
  • Positive volumes from development areas
  • Mauritanian Shore production
  • Oman Shore production
  • Russian Far East Herring
  • Captive supply Trawler now in Namibia
  • Beneficial freight environment
  • Our diversification strategy is yielding positive results
  • Strong presence on both ECSA & WCSA

HR Function

J Marrs Core Values acknowledges that:

  • Teamwork is a key aspect of our success
  • As such we want to
  • Encourage collaborative working
  • Develop our people
  • Attracting and retain the best people

J Marr will pro-actively work toward achieving, maintaining & exceeding these goals through a dedicated HR function.

The mission of the HR function is to operationalise those values and embed them in the culture at J Marr for everyone's benefit

Work with Team Leaders & the wider team to ensure:

  • Right people in the right roles collectively work together
  • Empowering team members to get on with job
  • Embrace the team to achieve potential
  • HR related matters should come to HRBP in the first instance

The immediate short-term aim is to develop the existing framework to create a well-managed HR environment. This involves creating new policies and procedures to support this framework.

- End -